Gergana Stoyanova Hristev Age (djerry08)

Hi guys, today this article is going to tell you about a female fitness model whose name is. djerry08 400k followers on instagram“Gergana Stoyanova Hristev”. regularly uploads content about health and fitness on her social media accounts. Gergana Stoyanova Hristev creates fitness, health and modelling content on her social media accounts. is influencing her fans to stay fit and active or live a healthy lifestyle. The relationship status of updated is Single.

Real nameGergana Stoyanova Hristev
Instagram Name djerry08
Gergana Stoyanova Hristev Age as of 202429
Height WeightHeight 5.5 Weight 60kg
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Date Of Birth1995
Profession isVideo creator Model

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