Fitwitsof Age Biography

Hello, here in this article we are going to read about fast growing female fitness model. She is growing very fast on social media platforms like Instagram and has started gaining fame on the YouTube channels of different organizations. Let’s start talking about her fitness journey and fitness lifestyle.

Biography of Sofia’s fitness (@fitwitsof)

Guys, today we will use Sofia’s Instagram user name (@fitwitsof). So fitwitsof is the upcoming star of social media in the fitness industry.  Fitwitsof is not only a professional fitness model she is also a weight lifter who is passionate about lifting weights.

Fitwitsof is an American fitness model who was in America only and currently living in her birthplace. Fitwitsof’s date of birth is not known on social media platforms, but her year of birth is 1999 as available on internet sources. If 1999 is fitwitsof’s birth year that means she is about 24 years old.

Early Life of Fitwitsof

Fitwitsof was born into a family that loves fitness that’s why Fitwitsof chose fitness as her career. But if we talk about the early life of fitwitsof she started loving fitness when she was gaining school knowledge. After completing her school education, when fitwitsof joined college, she decided to hit the gym to stay healthy and active and gain some muscles, as she was very slim in her teenage and college days.

Then after hitting the gym for more than one year, she saw impressive changes in her body fitness, then After that, she decided to hit the gym regularly and become a professional in fitness world.

NameSofia’s Fitness (@ftwitsof)  
ProfessionFitness model, weight lifter and content creator  
Year of Birth1999  
Age 25
Height of fitwitsof5 feet 9 inches
Weight Around 63 kg
Body Measurement32-38-30

Physical Measurements of @fitwitsof (Sofia’s fitness)

@fitwitsof has an attractive muscular curvy body structure, that is gaining the attention of lots of people from her social media accounts primarily on Instagram, Her 178k followers with only 44 posts on Instagram show that she is quite attractive and she uploads useful content for her followers. If talk about her body structure she has muscular thighs, hips and back, including a well-maintained figure on her body. All these things about her body structure make her look beautiful in about every outfit she wears.

Net-worth of fitwitsof

Fitwitsof has lots of sources to earn money including modelling, sponsoring supplement brands on her social media accounts and providing training programs about workouts and diet to her followers. The estimated amount of Fitwitsof’s net worth is about 1 million US Dollars.

Workout Plan of fitwitsof

Fitwitsof uploads regular posts and reels of her workout on her social media accounts like Instagram. She is very strict and passionate about her gym training, she follows about 6 days of workout in a week and follows it in regular routine. In her workout routine fitwitsof lifts lots of weights and does lots of intense training to stay fit and look like a fitness model

Diet Plan of fitwitsof

Fitwitsof loves the eating part of her fitness journey, she follows a very high-protein diet plan. Fitwitsof loves eating high-protein salad in the morning and high-protein toast with multigrain bread. In spite of these food items she also eats avocado, oats, bananas, protein pancakes, salmon, protein bars, chicken and lots of eggs. She always prepares her own meals because she also loves cooking part as being passionate about fitness. Fitwitsof also includes a few dietary supplements like whey protein, creatine, energy drinks and multivitamins in her diet to enhance her performance

Social Media Fame of fitwitsof

Fitwitsof is the user name of Sofia’s fitness on Instagram, we are using this name in place of her real name because she is much more famous with fitwitsof user name on social media people are searching lots of things about fitwitsof.

If we talk about the social media fame of Fitwitsof then she has uploaded only 44 posts on her Instagram account but still she has around 178k followers on her Instagram. She regularly uploads content about viral outfits, weight lifting and body posing. Fitwitsof is gaining fame through TikTok Also she has about 27.5k followers on her TikTok account.


Who is fitwitsof or Sofia’s fitness?

Fitwitsof is Sofia’s Instagram user name who is a professional fitness model, athlete and weightlifter. She is getting famous on social media platforms like Instagram with about 178k followers

What is Net-worth of fitwitsof?

The estimated amount of Fitwitsof’s net worth about 1 million US Dollars.

What is the Age, height and weight of Fitwitsof or Sofia’s fitness?

Fitwitsof’s age is about 24 years, her height is 5 feet 9 inches and her weight remains around 63kg.